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Meet Da B'ys (Cast & Crew Bios)

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Hope you are all having a wonderful day/night with your inter-web perusals and whatnot. I thought I'd drop an entry here right quick and get you all up to speed on the cast & crew. So without further ado (heh "cast & crew, further ado". Nice flow... sorry) here are the bios!

Da B'ys (a.k.a. The Cast)

Robert Dawson (Dickie Milburn)

Robert Dawson got his theatre start in the Sears Ontario Drama Festival, acting in the 2006 provincial showcase in Molière’s Two Precious Maidens Ridiculed (Jodelet). With Ottawa as his hometown, he has also lived in Hertfordshire, England, and Edmonton, Alberta. A recent BA graduate of Bishop's University in Lennoxville, Québec, with Honours in Drama and History, Robert has appeared in many productions including: The Twelfth of Never (a musical adaptation of Twelfth Night), Oliver Twist (Oliver), Our Town (George), Picasso’s Desire Caught by the Tail, and Julius Caesar (Octavius). His directing experience includes A. R. Gurney’s The Problem. After the fringe, Robert will begin graduate studies at the University of Guelph, Ontario in the Theatre Studies program. He is thrilled to be at the fringe with great people and a fantastic show.

Kyle DeCoste (The Drifter)

Kyle DeCoste was birthed in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Upon leaving the womb, he quickly grew a beard and began playing the trumpet. Pursuing his love of music, he found himself at Bishop's University double-majoring in Arts Administration and Music. With a fair deal of performance experience under his belt, he took hold of any opportunity to get up on stage and now finds himself dabbling in not only the musical world, but the dramatic also. After the fringe, Kyle is headed back to Bishop's to continue his studies and do good things.

Viviane Falardeau (Mrs. Milburn)

Viviane Falardeau was born and raised in l’Ancienne-Lorette, QC. She is now in the process of completing her Bachelor of Sciences degree in Neuroscience with a minor in Criminology at Bishop’s Univeristy. Viviane also has a passion for drama and theatre and has been involved in several productions, including Qui Rapportera Ces Parols (Renée), Le Colonel et Les Oiseaux (Teresa), and Samuel Beckett’s Play. In the future, Viviane hopes to pursue a career in medicine and continue to actively participate in community theatre.

Casey J. Vander (The Doctor)

Casey J. Vander was born and raised in the majestic land of Ontario. He was introduced to the theatre at the age of 12 and continued on to complete a Drama and Politics degree at Bishop’s University. Casey was recently seen as Howie Newsome in Our Town, Demetrius in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Jeffrey in Godspell.

Da Other B'ys (a.k.a. The Crew)

Shawn Bisson - Director

Shawn Bisson was born into a military family, so he’s had the privilege of being raised in a slew of places, Goose Bay, NL being the one he calls “home”. He is currently in his last year of studies at Bishop’s University working towards an honours degree in jazz bass performance. Besides pursuing music, Shawn his been involved in theatre as an actor, technical director, stage manager, and director. After graduating, he intends to follow a career path in sound engineering and production.

Robert Tracey - Playwright

Robert Tracey is a 4th year Bishop's University student working towards an honours degree in Drama. Raised in the quaint town of Happy Valley - Goose Bay, NL, Robert became an active member of community theatre projects at a young age. He has recently been seen as Stephano The Chimes of Freedom (a musical adaptation of The Tempest), Gary in 689 Spadina, and Lord Asriel in His Dark Materials. Although he still dabbles in acting, Robert has since turned his interests to playwriting and production management. Little Dickie Milburn marks Robert's debut as a playwright and, although he misses the east coast “some lot”, he’s very excited to see what the rest of Canada has in store.

Allison MacLeod - Stage Manager

Allison ‘Allie-Mac’ MacLeod was born and raised in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. She originally came to Bishop’s University with the intention of studying Fine Arts and Business, until she was (fortunately) enslaved by the monster that is Drama. Allison is now entering her third year as an Arts Administration major with a concentration in Drama and a minor in Fine Arts. She has been involved as an Assistant stage manager for Pride & Prejudice, Chimes of Freedom, and Twelfth of Never. Allie would like to state for the record that she “loves the ocean” and “misses it tenderly with each passing kilometer”.

So that's everyone. Stick around for more info - coming soon!

Robert Tracey

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