Friday, August 20, 2010

The Last Stretch

Well my blogging buddies, it all comes down to this. The last three days of the festival. This Sunday at 1pm, 'Little Dickie' will come to an end, and Da B'ys, our ragtag group, will scatter to the wind.

What an experience it has been. In the long stretch of this adventure we seven began as friends and acquaintances, but after being crammed into a van and whisked away to all the corners of Canada, we have become so much closer. In the words of one famed wordsmith, Barney the Dinosaur,"We're a great big family" (Dysfunctional, albeit).

But to avoid gripping this blog into a conclusion just yet, we will stop short this entry and end with: the houses have been great, and we're having loads of fun still.

Check out the blog on Sunday, when we wrap it all up and have ourselves a little party.

My love, to the equivalent of fresh cupcakes,

Rob T.

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