Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Edmonton. Who would have thought that such a gem of a city could be found way up in Northern Alberta? Well, Robert Dawson did, and still does. Edmonton is a beautiful city with a fabulous fringe that seems to appreciate us as much as we appreciate them. The proof is in our biggest and best news to report: We are the proud recipients of a FOUR STAR review from the reputable newspaper, The Edmonton Journal. We’re pretty happy about that.

We’ve been blessed with large and responsive audiences for our first two shows, so a huge “Tanks B’ys” to those who came out to see us.  An even bigger “Tanks” goes out to Jeanne and Jay, Viviane’s Newfie relatives, and to Colleen and Rene, Kyle’s Cape Breton relatives who showed us some healthy East Coast hospitality in the form of BBQ’s and kitchen parties. Banjo battles, Newfinese, and new socks: this cowboy says: “That’s the Best!”

Speaking of friends, our good Winnipeg buddy Clayton has followed us (groupie!) to hang out, have a time, and he looks like Tom Cruise. As well, we’ve seen some of our Winnipeg performer friends around and supported them whenever possible.

On Sunday, Robert’s parents Bill and Bern celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. Congratulations! A special shout-out was in order post-show, and the happily married couple shared a kiss before an (almost) sold-out crowd.

With two shows behind us, we entered our mid-fringe 3 day break. Finally time to see some shows and be tourists for a day. “Jake’s Gift” is the runaway winner for best show for Allie, Kyle, and I. A charming and patriotic story about a war vet who makes friends with a small French girl upon returning to Normandy for the 60th Anniversary of D-Day: it left Kyle as a blubbering mess.  I’m so happy it exists: a beautiful way of telling an important story for all Canadians.

Today we took a trip back in time to my former workplace: Fort Edmonton Park. With a few strings pulled, Da B’ys got to see Edmonton’s best historical attraction for the biggest discount possible. They had a time, back in time, and I got to see a few familiar faces, and eat a big ice cream.

14 Shows – 10 Shows = 4 Shows (and Heaps of Good Times!) Remaining

Love, with lots of love, and love on top,

Robert Dawson

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