Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Cookware Isle at IKEA

It's been a little stretch through the Rockies sans internet. But we're back at it once again.

I bet you'll never guess where we are now...
Edmonton! The last leg of our journey. Just 11 more days of spectacular foolishness separate us from the journey home, battered and bruised from all of our quests. We got in a  day+(day/2)  ago and got to check out our new romping grounds, as well as the Catalyst Theatre. It just so happens that this particular theatre looks like a post-modern sheet metal castle... a very weird, but amazing space.

Viv and Allie are staying on the west side of town with a friend of Allie's momma, Jesse is off living with an ex-girlfriend for a couple of nights, and the rest of us are shacked up in Andria and Matt's house (the bride and groom from last blog). Overall, everything is great.

Now tonight I am moving on outwards, a couple of blocks over, to meet up and stay with a special group of people. Oh yes, the whole family is flying in, and I couldn't be more excited to see them. What's more, Sunday, our second show, falls on the same day as my parents' 30th wedding anniversary. Very fun times.

Shall we recap what has happened since last post?
We went to Banff. It was kind of lame, not going to lie. It had a thick touristy vibe about it. Then we headed off to Lake Louise (very pretty) and Jasper (my favourite). In my personal opinion, when it comes to towns in the Rockies, Jasper takes the cake, as well as the rest of the bakery. It is tiny, vibrant, not too tourist-riddled, and very friendly.

It also has more elk than people, I am sure. The campground we stayed at was teeming with them. Oh, and we got to hike another mountain, Edith Cavell. It was very pretty, but a tad on the easy side. Check out our youtube channel for a video of Jesse scatting on top of the mountain. It's pretty... unique.

Any odds, now that we have regular internet access, it shouldn't be too long before I update you all about opening night. So tune in next time for that.

All the best(est),

Rob T.

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