Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 3 & 4: To the End of the World!

Seems we missed a blog last night.

But you can’t blame us for that one; it was the 2-4 birthday of the Golden Lion Pub here in Lenny-land. And, well... to be truly honest with yous all... we got a little saucy just then too. But with good reason! (story on that later in the post).

SO right now we are in the midst of a little sausage fest. Allie, the SM, is off in Montreal with her ‘sexy-pants man’ Ben, havin’ a time at the warped tour. Viv, the other half of our double-x chromosome representation, is meeting us up in Winnipeg. That means that, much to her chagrin, she’ll be missing all the pancake action on the first leg of the adventure.

I know, you’re thinkin’. “Pancakes? What in the name of the innocent baby Jesus does he mean by pancakes?” Well, seems the beginning of the journey has taken an unintentional turn for the syrupy. Upon the recommendation of George and Jo Jo Rideout, we will be ‘Dick’-in’ off to Pancake Bay to camp out on our first night. Followed by a recommended pancake lunch at Hoito in Thunder Bay. Cheesy? Yes. Definitely. But delicious too! More here

Moments ago, Shawn broke out into tears when he realized that we are about to inch farther and farther from ‘Da Johns’. But it’s going to be OK! I consoled him right good, letting him know that we are well-equipped for havin’ a time. As we head west, we are carried along by “Da Boat”, our 7-seater Grand Caravan (newly furbished with BU promos, mind you, thanks to Jock Phippen and the Recruitment crew), and the ever-useful THULE! Get ready for a deadly picture of Shawn riggin’ that THULE(!) up right good in one of the following posts. Sure, we may be a little cozy up in our rig. But as I once read in an in-flight magazine: “Treat every misadventure as a chance for un-scripted frolic”. Wise words Mr. Airplane Man.

Let’s catch you b’ys up with recent activities! Friday we did run-throughs. Lots. And. Lots. of run-throughs. One particularly memorable go resulted in an impromptu audience of 3: our deadly friend Augusta, her 10 year-old brother, and a Husky (best audience member to date). At one point in the run, when we were foolin’ around with the audience participation, all human attendees were on stage leaving this cute ole’ little husky puppy as the sole audience member. In the words of my friend Jess Melindy, “It was sooooome cute. I LUHVES it.”

Today, we got all rigged up and did a preview for an audience of 40 or so. They had a time, we had a time, and it was just good vibes all around. Then we trucked off to the quaint town of Knowlton and had a wicked time watchin’ Greg Tuck’s production of “Shakespeare’s Will”. Tis poetical, I tells you now. Congratulations go out to Mary Harvey for rippin’ through this one-woman show. What a talent she is! Get out to see it if you are in the area b’ys - I promise it won’t be regrettable.

Okay now. It’s time to head on out and finish packing up Da Boat. We are hitting the road tomorrow at 6 am. If you are driving west too, look for us: we’ll be the ones with smiles from ear to ear, falling in love with life every second of the way.

Beers on us next time we see you,


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  1. I'm holding you to the beer comment and postcards. Enjoy the Dick-in and be thankful that there aren't 27 of 'em.