Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day Two: Da Boat Moored in Harbour

The sun in the sky was hot,
we in the theatre were not.
We escaped its hot wrath,
but still need cold baths,
and our play is really great.

Profusely, I apologize for the poetic crime I've just committed, but while the heat may have taken its toll on MY creative-writing technique, I'm not the writer of this show, so you needn't worry, one little bit. (This is Lil' Dickie himself!)

'Da Boat' (our affectionately-named Van) was sparkle-shine cleaned today, and lights are currently being hung for our preview show in Turner Studio Theatre at Bishop's on Saturday at 2 PM.

In other news, The New Glasgow News printed an article about our Western exploits and about their hometown heroes Kyle and Allie! (Who am I kidding, they're heroes here too!)
Check 'er out!

Tomorrow we'll be doing an outdoor performance ~somewhere~ in Lennoxville, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for another video to come at ya soon.

See ya tomorrow,

From us B'ys to you B'ys,

Rob D

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