Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Days 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13: Over the Hump

Over the past week so many wonderful things have happened that it would literally require a novel to necessitate it all.

Hmm... That's not a bad idea (actually, it is. But... well... y'know).  Here's Little Dickie Milburn: The Novel.

Chapter 7
Morning, Day 9.

I stood at the edge of a beautiful emerald lake, water lapping at my toes with each coming wave. It was warm. Absurdly warm. And as I reached down, capturing the waves in my cupped hands, feeling it fall through my fingers and leaving only flecks of crusted earth behind, I realized what needed to be done.
In the center of the lake - nearly fifty feet from where I stood - was a towering black rock decorated in the strangest red weeds I had ever seen. With the wind they would sway, dancing like tiny flames that lit the darkening sky and reflected into the emerald water, setting it on fire. I removed my long silk robe and began walking towards it. First up to my ankles, feeling the warm water hum and pick at my skin. Every wave felt like the water crawling farther up my body, until it passed over my knees, my waist, above my head. 

I swam. Always forward, towards the blazing black rock. And, although I had been sure it was only 50 feet away before,  it now seemed like miles - and I had been swimming for days.

Then, out of the darkness of the water came a noise: 'POP'. It stopped. Then, another: 'POP. POP'. It kept coming back, faster and more menacing than before: 'POP. POP POP. POP POP POP.'

The noise was overwhelming me, dragging me to the bottom of the lake. And, as I felt the last breath of air pass through my lungs, I finally realized what this noise had been.
Kyle was eating his damn pop rocks again. 

- And that's how I woke up.

There's a little sample of the forthcoming novel. I hope it really captures the, um, 'essence' of what we're trying to go for here. 

But no, really b'ys. Everything is going great. We've seen a ridiculous amount of theatre, met an even more ridiculous amount of people, and had the most ridiculous time. Our nightly haunt, the King's Head Pub (The 'Golden Lion' of the West), is a great outlet for meeting some of the most quirky, ridiculous, and downright awesome people from this province and elsewhere. Just the other day, we met Bob, who was the self-proclaimed '4th Best Eagle Drawer' in North America. Big words, but his artwork (which he gave to us at a good rate, a.k.a. Kyle paid for it all) really stands the test of time, and shows off some badass eagle/wolf skills. If you run into us anytime, ask to check it out; it will blow your mind!

Other notably cool people are:
-Clayton, assistant coordinator himself, who is always up for havin' a time. He's been sporting one of our orange tuques since day one, and he's always around to share a laugh. 
-Anthony and Cheryl are deadly people. They were even so nice as to give us a ride home last night, being as sweet as they are. 
-Laura, our techie, is awesome too. We went out for Dim Sum the other day (Allie loved it. I was just amused by the chicken feet we were eating). 
-There's also Jay, who I think is Samoan, but I'm not sure because he has the incredible ability to do any accent in order to impress girls. Good on ya, Jay, and thanks for the drink.
-General Taylor and the whole pub crew are worthy of a laugh at any time. Nicest staff you'll ever meet.
-And, of course, the door lady Gin, whom Robbie D. has fallen madly in love with (but keep that between us). What a sweetheart.

We've become well-known about town for our fluorescent orange tuques. You can actually pick us out from approx. 7 blocks away, they stand out that much. We've also become known as the friendly people, which is great seeing as it was our intention to exhibit some east coast manners. 

Anyways, that's all for now. We're all taking off back downtown to get some more promotion on the go. It's a beautiful day out, and we are going to monopolize it by going out to meet even more new people. Pleasure typin' for ya!

All my lovin',

Rob T.


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