Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Days 5, 6, 7 & 8: Journey to The Centre of the Country

What an adventure we've had already. B'ys oh b'ys, I tells ya, things are some good.

At 6 AM sharp on the 11th, we jumped in Da Boat and set sails for Winnipeg. It seemed like we drove forever through Northern Ontario but the hilliness and multitude of trees was welcomed. Accompanied by a soundtrack consisting of a lot of Canadian Indie Rock with an unusual amount of banjo and some Beethoven for good measure, we motored through the Canadian Wilderness vowing that if we ran into a moose, we would hunt it and make a delicious meal.

Around the time we got to Sault St. Marie,  Da Boat began to rock and weird noises emerged from its chassis. We stopped for the night at a Motel and discovered the next morning that the sounds were nothing more than a loose lug nut. With our newly-tightened lug nut and no fear of the tire departing from our trusty vehicle, we embarked once again through the Canadian wilderness.

One of the nicest little places we encountered was Wa Wa. Upon entering the town, we were astonished to discover it was being held hostage by several giant geese:

We scoured the town for postcards and met some nice people, stuffed mooses, and bears. We restocked on beef jerky and I bought some Pop Rocks and times were good.

Due to our late departure from Sault St. Marie, we drove until 3:00, then settled down for a 3 hour nap in Da Boat. At 6:00, I determined (since we had come to the realization that Manitoba does actually exist) that I would celebrate our arrival and discovery with some Pop Rocks. The popping in my mouth was so loud it awoke Robby T. who immediately began laughing.

An hour or so later, we had arrived in Winnipeg. Since we've been here, we have encountered many friendly people and it can be said that the "Friendly Manitoba" slogan on their license plate is far from false advertising.

Last night, we had a time at the King's Head Pub, the hang-out place for all of Winnipeg's Fringers. Mayhem ensued and we had a blast meeting with the lovely folks at the pub. When we were leaving the bar, a torrential downpour had pulled a sneak-attack on us and because no one wanted to go get the van in the rain all alone during  the craziest lightningy thundery storm ever, we all ran together, soaked to the bone and laughing wildly at the fun of it all.

The storm quickly took on a whole new attitude as we realized the van window had been busted and Shawn and Robert's laptops had run off to brave the storm. But alas, Rob has already purchased a new laptop and the city is still wonderful. Nestled into the abode of Shawn's Uncle, we are now ready to enjoy every bit of the festival and check out some incredible plays.

As promised, here's a picture of Shawn packing the Thule:

We made a new promo video. Check it out Here.

Opening night is tomorrow at 5:00!


Kyle and Da B'ys

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