Monday, July 26, 2010

Goodbye Winnipeg / Hello Wilderness

The Winnipeg Fringe came to a close yesterday.

Here, I insert my sad emoticon face ->  :(

But do not fret! That 'open-parentheses' is set to become a 'close-parentheses' very soon. And that's because da b'ys are gettin' back to their roots this Wednesday.

'What roots?' you may ask. Well, we ain't talkin' about any homespun mumbo-jumbo here. We're talkin' waaay back in those roots. Back to the days when wheels were the 'new thing' and when it was still acceptable to beat people with sticks. Back when all of us b'ys were just select sequences of chromosomes waiting to be aligned correctly.

Yep. We're reverting back into our primitive selves and heading out into the wild.  Check out more...
Da boat has been safely moored in harbor for quite a time now. But now she's gettin' all rigged up to set sail again. This time we're making like Lois and Clarke and pushing our way more westward than most Easterners dare go; we're headed to Alberta! 

The Edmonton Fringe doesn't start until the 12th of August (17 days from now, for those who are still keeping count) so we are doing some 'filler' ... a.k.a. 'Adventure Time'. There will be plenty of camping, as we make our way to Canmore for the wedding of Robbie D's sister. Then up to Banff for a spell (Lucy Martin, put on your dancin' shoes). Next, up to Jasper for hiking and, hopefully, some fishing time. After that, it's a zip-line (not literally, geez) over to Edmonton for the next festival and a Tracey family reunion.

Going to be in any of these areas? Send us some textual lovin' and we'll do our best to meet up with you. I cannot promise anything, however, as Kyle has sworn the majority of his time to hunting owls.

Any odds, thanks Winnipeg! You were a good friend, but for the love of the baby Jesus stop smashing out our car windows. We are Arts students!

Much love to all we've met on this leg of the Fringe tour. We all hope to see you again in the future (CLAYTON!), especially those of you also headed off to Edmonton.

From us b'ys to you b'ys,

Robert T.

Oh, and here's a photo of Shawn and Kyle being fat at the beach:

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