Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day One: The Sun Attacks!

(Cue up cheesy '70s music...) Da B'ys are back in town!

Our much-anticipated arrival to the land of Lennox-vegas (Lennoxville, QC) has left our crew sleepless with excitement for long enough. Yep B'ys and Maids, all actors are here, unscathed, accounted for, and nestled away in their beds.

But don't think we're takin' it easy! Oh no, not the one bit. We've been bustin' through this heat wave locked up in the theatre, workin' on songs, sketches, outdoor performances, and - of course - our potent little Fringe show.

Here's a taste of our work: A short improv'ed promo.

Expect a lot more of these to come. Now, after the jump, a sinister picture of The Doctor himself.

Lock your doors, protect the young ones, and make sure to keep lengths of rope and train tracks well out of reach:
Here comes the Sinister K. Vander

There's a little behind-the-scenes taste of the foolishness we've been gettin' up to recently. Try getting that image out of your head tonight - especially you with small children.

Any odds, you can expect daily updates on this blog from here on in. That is, of course, if we have internet connection and have not yet been mauled to death by the ferocious beasts of the Canadian outback (that line was written especially for Margaret MacLeod, Allie's momma).

See you tomorrow!

From us B'ys to you B'ys,

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